Yaya Toure Fathers A Child Out of Wedlock: Yet Does Not Send The Mother Money Unless She Sends Him Nekkid Photos

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Yaya Toure
Yaya Toure

Well it does run in the family, doesn’t it?

A 31 year old Paris woman, Mariam Camara, has made a series of blistering allegations to the Sun. The shop worker was Toure’s girlfriend whilst they were teenagers back in Cote d’Ivoire, but fell out of contact when he went to Europe to make his name as one of the world’s best midfielders.

Mariam now claims Toure fathered a child on her, despite him being married, and refuses to cater for the child. She says the only time the Manchester City midfielder would send her money is when she sends him nekkid photos of herself, as otherwise he refuses to do so.

“Whenever he sent the money there were conditions attached.” She told the Sun.

“I would have to give him something, like nekkid photos or photos of my bum. And if I didn’t send the photos we wouldn’t get the money.

“When I refused he stopped paying anything to his son. He wouldn’t even say hello.

“It was manipulative. He knew that without him we’ll struggle, so he can ask for these things”

Camara claims after initially denying the child was his, a DNA test conclusively proved otherwise.

The test showed there was a 99.999991270957 per cent chance that the toddler was Toure’s.

Mariam and Yaya Toure reconnected in Paris in November 2011. Despite being married with three kids, Toure carried on an affair with her that later led to the pregnancy in June 2012.

After informing him about it, he vehemently denied it, and only catering for the child after the DNA test. Yet even that has a caveat.

The Premier League star has only seen his child twice, according to Mariam.


Mariam Camara
Mariam and Yaya’s son

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  1. I passionately dislike men like Yaya Toure. What an irresponsible man. You can’t even take care of your own son and you want Man City to increase your weekly salary?? Foolish man.

    1. It’s people this I don’t feel sorry for when mistreated by a woman…lol if he’s not careful he will end up choping and having issues like our brother in China or be called monkey…Asem…men should take responsible of a child regardless….the child after all is innocent…it didn’t put a gun at anybody’s head to be born

    2. Emm the lady knew that mr toure was a married man to begin with. She clearly knew what she was doing and had previously sent nude pic of herself when he demanded it. Having a baby with him was a meal ticket for her. Now toure wife found out the money is not coming she has begun blowing horns.

      1. Alright, let’s agree that she knew he was married. Is Yaya Toure so dumb to sleep with a woman without any protection? Knowing the possibility of getting her pregnant or even catching a disease? He is a married man, he should have at least have the courtesy to use protection but he didn’t. So why is the woman being blamed here?

        1. This relationship should not have taken place in the first place every decent lady will not go about sleeping any man regardless to protection or not and not particularly when they are married. Most men are thwarts any way. Yes ya yah should pay for child maintenance by I have no sympathy for the foolish lady

          1. Well, I guess she threw decency out the window because it’s Yaya Toure. Many women will take the risk and do what she did regardless of the consequences. Even if they’re married they would shamelessly give themselves to him. Don’t forget that Yaya toure is a very famous man, and he definitely has a lot of female admirers. If they get the opportunity, they will sleep with him too. Most women are loose anyway!!