I Have Sold About A Million Records—Tic Tac Asserts

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Tic Tac
Tic Tac

Award-winning hiplife musician, Nana Kwaku Okyere Duah aka Tic Tac has revealed in an interview with Ike Frimpong on Sky Fm that he has sold close to a million records in his career.

Tic Tac speaking on Loud in Gh said Hip life back then was a new thing so everybody was enthusiastic about it. He also expressed his opinion on the migration to digital world in music making.

“There was sale of records and that can tell you the number 1 hit makers—and could also tell which songs are hot on radio but do not transport to sales. Sales have been dropped down as we have now moved into the digital world. These days, it is difficult to determine who is making more record sales.”

He stated that not all music loving fans can visit a site to download songs and that the current download systems make it difficult to figure out who is really doing well in the industry as records sale is concerned.

“I have sold close to million records, and people are still eager to buy records if it is made availablethe despite the digital world.

He added that his vision for hip life was not too much as he did not know about the future.

“I knew hip life was going to grow so I positioned myself to meet the test of time and always had the future in mind. Sometimes, people will not get the understanding of a particular song until time grows. The problem now is Dj’s or music players get tired with songs so after playing it for two weeks or a month, they don’t play it again. But if it’s on a record label and people keep on playing it, you will realize that the music will definitely become a hit.”

Tic Tac is currently promoting his latest single ‘Don’t Let Your Baby Go’, produced by Laxio Beats.

He promised to drop another single in the coming weeks.


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