Yvonne Nelson Disrespectfully Refuses to Hug a Fan & the Fan Reportedly Assaults Her

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Some celebrities are known for the extended attention they give to their fans—while others like Yvonne Nelson and Nadia Buari stand tall as the disrespectful ones who consider their fans as not worth a minute of their time.

Ghanaian actress-Yvonne Nelson is said to have disrespectfully ignored and refused to hug a fan—and incident which the actress later claimed led to the fan pushing her head, assault.

Fans make celebrities and yet certain celebrities still do not appreciate these fans…

According to NewsOne; A Nigerian man whose name was given as Elvis Eze physically assaulted Yvonne Nelson because she did not give him a hug.

The newspaper adds that “Elvis Eze, apparently bent on unleashing violence on the actress, chased her to her car, fiercely pushed her head as though he was inviting her to a wrestling match and was heard screaming at her and using very abusive adjectives including “who the f*ck do you think you are?”

Apparently, it was “the timely intervention of eyewitnesses that rescued the frightened actress from the physical attacks she was receiving from the incensed male adult who was poised to humiliate his hapless female prey.”

The incident reportedly happened in the presence of several eyewitnesses Saturday night during the birthday party of actress Ingrid Alabi in Accra.

The assault has been reported to the East Legon Police but Elvis is yet to be called in or arrested…


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8 thoughts on “Yvonne Nelson Disrespectfully Refuses to Hug a Fan & the Fan Reportedly Assaults Her”

    • I’ve seen yvonne display before at her own movie premier meanwhile she invited the general public and we paid to see her. Its like she has her head in the clouds. Its soo nasty and sad.

  1. Even though I don’t support any kind of intimidation, yvonne is a number one culprit as she often snubs her fans all over the place. Some celebrities are worse than politicians; after you vote them into power, they forget how they got there.

    Kudos to the ones who actually show respect to their fans especially John Dumelo, Majeed, Adjetey Annan, Bola Ray, Lydia Forson etc. these are a few who are down to earth and easily approachable anywhere.

    As for Yvonne it’s only a matter of time before someone beats her up and it will be due to her own mouth and disturbing attitude.

    • Dumelo & Majeed are hands down the most sociable, down to earth GH celebs I have ever met. I met them in the US this summer and I could not believe how easy going they were.

    • You are 100% correct. I was in her shop at east legon some months ago when a fan came inside just to take a photo with her. yvonne was soo rude to the fan and refused to take the picture. I was absolutely shocked. I immediately left the shop. No way I was going to spend a dime in that shop after what I saw.


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