K.K. Fosu Says He Used to Smoke Weed & Apologizes for His Recent 99% Weed Comment

K.K Fosu
K.K Fosu

Ghanaian highlife musician-K.K. Fosu recently stated that 99% of Ghanaian musicians smoke weed—a comment which has angered several Ghanaian musicians.

Following the above comment, gospel musician, Nicholas Omane Acheampong has come out to say he is going to sue K.K Fosu for his remarks.

Omane Acheampong charged K. K Fosu on Adom FM’s Entertainment Hall to apologize to him and his colleagues in the industry.

He said at the time, “A lot of musicians are pastors and great people in this industry, so I believe if I don’t do anything about it people around me or music lovers may even think I’m one of them.”

“This is very disrespectful because there are a lot of great personalities in the music industry so KK Fosu cannot say 99% smoke wee.”

He continued; “If KK Fosu is tired of smoking marijuana, he should come out and say it, because it is never late for him to stop.”

Now, K.K Fosu has come out to retract his statement and apologized, saying, he only made the weed comment during an interview in which he was asked about his drug usage and its presence in the music industry.

He told Happy Fm that; “I said this because when people mention drugs the first thing that comes to mind in marijuana only. But all I wanted to say is that I wasn’t the only one who had taken marijuana before and it wasn’t marijuana that made my career slow.”

“It was the football management thing I started that slowed me down. So I told her that even Bob Marley took Marijuana and everyone listened to his music including Presidents and so taking weed mean the artist is insane.”

He added; “That’s why I made that statement but it seemed I was angry a bit when I made that statement and I want to use this opportunity to apologize to everyone I have offended with that statement. I’m sorry and my management will organize the press so we apologize officially.”

That was loose talk from K.K Fosu and he seems to have quickly realize it, hence, the apology.


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2 thoughts on “K.K. Fosu Says He Used to Smoke Weed & Apologizes for His Recent 99% Weed Comment”

  1. Hhhmmm 3y3 as3m ooo, wat anger is he referring to, some of these celebrities think we r brainless n always wan take our mind play right. Hw cn u say 99% anka ka 5% mpo, 99% meaning almost all and is dat anger ?. But is gud he has apologize, only a fool doesn’t realize their mistakes…. ?


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