No One Throws Nonsense At Me And Goes Scot-Free—Nollywood Actress Bukky Wright Burst Out

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Bukky Wright
Bukky Wright

Nollywood actress and businesswoman, Bukky Wright, says she is not a snob and her quietness sometimes is a sign that she does not tolerate or accept people who try to take her for granted.

The 48-year-old loner revealed that she only associates herself with her own people, which also serves as an anger management therapy for her—due to her cantankerous personality.

“Some people will say Bukky is a snub, but what they don’t realise is the fact that they only see me as a snub because I am somewhat a shy person. Sure, when I am with my own people, I talk, I play. Some of them will even say I am a crazy person,” she said in an interview with News Watch.

“I know my temper is bad. I know it is very bad and that is why I am usually very quiet. That is also why I make it clear to people that I take no nonsense. No one throws nonsense at me and then thinks you will get away. I don’t pretend,” she noted.

Bukky Wright began her acting career in 1996. She has featured in several Nollywood movies of Yoruba and English languages, including Wale Adenuga’s Television series Super story. Besides acting, she runs a Fashion house and Clothing line, B Collections and a beauty spa, B Wright. She has signed endorsement deals with brands like Chivita. In 2011, she won the Best Nollywood Actress of the Year award.

Bukky is a mother of two boys.

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