Ten Female SHS Students Suspended For Watching P*rn In Their Dormitory


There is a saying, ‘you are only cheating if you get caught’. This implies that in a relationship, as long as the other partner is not aware of any infidelity on your part- you are technically not cheating- even if you are banging your brains out every other weekend.

I’m under no illusions that these girls are the only ones engaging in such actions in our secondary schools. Rather, they are the ones who were unlucky enough to get caught.

Twelve female students of the Namong Senior High School in the Ashanti region have been suspended by school authorities after they were caught watching p*rnography in the school’s dormitory. The senior house mistress of the school made the discovery after a ‘tip-off’

According to Starrfmonline, the headmaster of the school, Victor Owusu Ansah, said the students keep the videos on their phone and then watch it in the comfort of their dorm rooms. He added that it was a very popular pastime in the school.

After the students were apprehended, they confessed their involvement, and were subsequently suspended. The headmaster added that their parents have been invited to come to the school with the girls for them to sign bonds of good behaviour- before they would be re-allowed admission.

Important question- who snitched?


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