A CASE FOR HOMOSEXUALS: 5 Simple Arguments You Can Use to Easily DEBUNK All those Anti-Gay Rights Bigots


Legally, those who argue against gay rights and so much wish that a group of people should be treated less as humans have no strong case—so they mostly fall on moral, cultural and religious arguments.
Even that, they still can’t hold water with the same cycle of twisted logic and thoughts which you can easily debunk with the following.
I have spent the greater part of my adult education studying law and therefore when I say there are no proper legal arguments to deny another human being his or her human right, you can either believe me or freely take me on…
Let’s look at the 5 commonly absurd arguments anti-gay bigots mount against gay rights;
1. The Animals even know better argument: For being plainly ignorant and perhaps just diabolical, these people seem to think animals do not exhibit homosexual tendencies or do not have sex with same sex. In fact, over 1500 species of animals practice homosesuality—so where do animals even know better come from?
Further reading on this;
2. God Hates Homosexuals:  Of course God hates gays and that’s well documented in the Bible.
Similarly, He hates thieves, fornicators, gossips, adulterous, dishonest people, those who judge others, those who wear cloths made of polyester and cotton, men who sleep on the same bed with women who are on their periods, those who eat shell fish and other sort of unclean meat.
God even hates those who cheat on him when it comes to tithing, He seriously abhors those who bleach, those who perm their hair and perhaps those who have tattoo and piercings too.
And since God did not say there’s hierarchy of sins, every sin attracts the same revulsion and punishment—which means those who visit the gossip blogs are equally sinful as the homosexuals in the sight of the Abrahamic God.Gay rights
As captured in an article I co-authored-Explaining Libertarianism To Dummies: Manasseh Azure Awuni’s Gay Marriage Faux Pas; “But Christians would lead the biggest hypocritical lives they can, then fly into outrage when an issue they think contradicts their values pops up. Most Christians today fornicate, lie, cheat, and flout the laws of the bible willy-nilly, 24/7. However when convenient, they whip out that same bible to support the claim they want us to feel is morally right/wrong in the moment.
Leviticus 20:13 proscribes the death penalty for homos*xuality. Adultery is also a capital crime, whilst eating of shell fish and cutting one’s hair are all prohibited in the bible. Nobody carries out these practices, yet the bible Christians spend most of their lives ignoring this, which is supposed to guide the lives of everyone else in a situation Christians feel is immoral.”
Now, tell me, have you be denied your human rights or be treated less of a human being for fornicating, for gossiping, for lying or for committing any of many 1001 sins the bible outlines?
Of course not—and this follows the Christian argument that God is a graceful supernatural. Except that His abundance of grace perhaps would only cover your sins and not that of the homosexuals.
If anything at all, God says He will punish all sinners one day so why don’t you leave the homosexuals to Him to punish them in His own time, instead of being so concerned about denying them certain human rights or entrenching bigoted attitudes towards them?
I thought the Judeo-Christian God said, do not judge or you too would be judged—and He also said, everything he created was clean. And Jesus died on the cross for the sins of everyone, not just the non-homosexuals.
Equal RIghts
Equal RIghts

3. If We Allow Homosexuals, How Would We Procreate or Human Beings Will Go Extinct: I mostly tackle this argument with the same twisted logic on the back of which it is launched.
I do not waste my time pointing out to those who erect this argument that several homosexuals are happy family folks with children because that would be too complex for them to understand.
So I ask, how many kids did Jesus Christ have? If we all decide to follow Jesus Christ’s example, won’t we go extinct? Also, we have had the many Catholic priests and nuns in existence for many years, are we extinct yet?
So if the objection is truly founded on the fear that human beings will go extinct due to the unwillingness of some group of people to procreate, then why don’t you equally go after the Catholic doctrines, priests and nuns—or attack the many heterosexuals who make conscious decisions not to have children in life?
What about those who even want children and yet cannot have them? This is one hell of a stupid disingenuous argument.
4. Homosexuality is Alien to African Culture, the West Brought It:  Anyone who mounts this argument should not be taken serious—that person is not even worth holding an intellectual conversation with.
It’s well documented and undisputed that, before the coming of the white man to Africa, several Africans practiced homosexuality—in Ghana, academic records of the Ashantis doing this lay bare for any one to research, same as in East Africa and the other parts of Africa.
A recent article published on the Guardian noted; “In the Buganda Kingdom, part of modern-day Uganda, King Mwanga II was openly gay and faced no hate from his subjects until white men brought the Christian church and its condemnation. Though King Mwanga is the most prominent African recorded as being openly gay, he was not alone.”
Human Rights
Human Rights

5. The Last Argument; Homosexuality is Immoral: This is the weakest and the most infantile argument; simply because, a 3 year old would even know that morality is subjective. What’s moral to you may not be moral to me and what’s immoral to me may not be immoral to you.
According to my friend’s mother, it’s deeply immoral to meet an older person and not greet that person—to me; it is nonsense, just pass if you want to.
I believe it’s immoral, wicked and certainly wrong to kill your own cat and eat it but my best friend-Efo does this almost every 3 months. To him, there’s nothing wrong or immoral about this.
It’s immoral to cheat on your partner when you speak to a lot of people about this but my friend-Akosua Abebrese who claims to be a sexual libertarian says there’s nothing immoral about cheating.
So when did everyone come to some sort of consensus that homosexuality is immoral?
Even if you want to fall on the philosophical concept of  objective morality which many people and philosophers believe does not exist, what makes you think such an act ought to fall within the bracket of objective morality?
Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela

Conclusion: Human rights are rights individuals enjoy by virtue of the fact that they are human beings so if we agree that gays are humans, on what basis do you so wish or want them to be denied any of the ‘agreeable’ human rights?
Of course certain people can be denied their human rights under certain circumstances, but there must be a justification for the denial and as I have shown above, there’s no real justification to deny another human being his or her human rights because of the person’s sexual orientation—same as because of the person’s race, ethnicity, religion or sex.
No body is asking anyone to support gays or become gay; the argument is that there ought to be equality for all.
I do not support religion or Manchester United but I wouldn’t ever advocate that religious people or Manchester United players should be treated less in any way.  You do not have to be gay to cherish the value of human rights and equality.
If you are true to your own faith and God, you would come to the sincere conclusion that, each and everyone should be treated with respect, dignity and equality. I am not gay and I perfectly understand that being different is not a justification to deny anyone a human right.
In a recently article titled “The Irony of the Oppressed Also Being the Oppressor’ | Black People Must RE-THINK!,” I wrote;
Pope Francis
Pope Francis

“The next time you talk about Human Rights or seek to enforce the Rights you enjoy by virtue of being a human being at work, school or when on a frolic of your own, remember these rights are given to you and enforced by the law, not by religion or by morals.
Therefore, when the law has given another person a right too, it is a duty, in fact as someone who wants your rights to be respected, it is an unavoidable duty to recognise and respect the rights given to others by the same law.
The moment you start looking for justifications out of the legal perimeter (being moral, personal or religious justification), then remember you are opening the door for others to also disregard your rights by finding whatever justifications they can come out with—including the absurd justifications the KKK clan and the slave traders had for what they did to black people.
This is where the golden rule “Do unto others as you would want them do unto you” by Confucius, found in the Analects (500 BCE) comes to play. Of course, well plagiarised and stolen by religion (specifically Jesus Christ and the Bible- Matthew 7:12, the Hindu sacred literature- Mahabharata, bk. 5, ch. 49, v. 57, and the Buddhist sacred literature- Udanavargu, 5:18).”


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  1. Chris you can insult the bible and believers as much as you like. You are no where smarter than the millions Jewish bible believing doctors, scientists, engineers who have impacted this world with innovations and still holds on to the tenets of the bible. Your law diploma from Newham college in East London is no feat to us

  2. After sometime, some people will be fighting for legalization of their right to marry animals all in the name of human rights. By that time, is likely the current generation will be no more.
    am wondering where we’re heading to as a human race

  3. After sometime, some people will be fighting for legalization of their right to marry animals all in the name of human rights. By that time, is likely this current generation will be no more.
    am wondering where we’re heading to as a human race


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