Wutah ‘Reunion’ On Hold As Artists Bicker On Air

Any flicker of hope that erstwhile sensational music duo Wutah are staging a comeback has been blown out of the water by the artists themselves, after an acrimonious conversation on air that showed there was no love lost between them.
In an appearance on Pluzz Fm in Accra, Wutah admitted that the stories of their reunion was sparked due to a plan to perform together during the Kwahu Easter festival that failed to materialise. However, Afriyie made it clear that the issues that led to their break-up has not been solved, so a reunion is out of the question.
According to him, Kobby is only seeking  a reunion now after his solo career tanked, accusing him of opportunism. According to him, he would never be seeking the reunion if he had hit as he wanted as a solo artist.
“If he had succeeded when he went solo, do you think he would come back now asking us to join again?” he wondered.
“He is the one who left, I didn’t sack him. You leave your wife and you realise the new one you married is not treating you well, you come back and you expect her to open her arms and welcome you?”
He went on to describe the hardships he went through after the group’s break-up in 2010, saying that just as his solo career is taking off, he is not going to play these games with Kobby’s camp.
“When he (Kobby) left in 2010, it was a disaster. If I wasn’t strong, I would have been somewhere now…We built a new career so just when I’m beginning to be relevant on my own as Afriyie in the minds and in the hearts of the people, something like this pops up. No, if this is a game they are playing, I’m sorry is not going to work.
“If we are to go back to where we ended, it will be another disaster because listening to the two of us now, nothing has changed. The egos are still there so I don’t see this happening now.” He added.
Kobby for his part said he disagreed with the characterisation of their ego issues, saying he doesn’t have any, but it is rather Afriyie who does, as he has pleaded for their issues to be resolved many times.
“I don’t have any ego problem. If he wants to work on his ego its cool because I’ve gone further to beg him. I have witnesses who know that I have even gone on my knees to beg my brother. I’ve told him several times that I’ve no problem with him”
Wutah enjoyed a successful run as a group in the latter part of the 00’s, releasing several hit tracks that propelled them to stardom. The group split up in 2010, shocking fans all across the country.


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