Bishop Obinim and the Many Sakawa Boys in Ghana Are Extensively Greedy

Sakawa Boy
Sakawa Boy

Bishop Obinim and the many Sakawa boys are too greedy; Ghanaians are suffering and they watch on in excitement when they could easily help per what some people believe about them.
I have heard a lot of people say some Sakawa boys have snakes that vomit money for them—sincerely, these people believe this. Bishop Obinim also claims he can visit banks in spirit and steal the deposited cash to re-distribute to his followers.
By reasonable extension, Obinim can visit the world bank in spirit and do the same—but this time, bring the cash to the government of Ghana.
So yesterday, I told one of my friends that, such nonsense is the reason why Ghana is crawling. If any human being believes in a talking snake, then I somewhat understand why the same person would believe in a money vomiting snake too.
However, if this is for real; then why don’t President Mahama ask these Sakawa boys to bring their snakes to the bank of Ghana so they would vomit as much money as we need, instead of going to the Chinese and others to look for loans with unfavourable terms.
Better still, the nation itself can go for its own snakes and then we wouldn’t have no problem with money. They will vomit as much as we need.
It’s insane that people believe these things exist: just subject these beliefs to reason and they will quickly fall flat on their butts.
I asked my friend who says Sakawa boys have money vomiting snakes this: every currency the United States issues has a unique currency code, so what codes are on these dollars that the snakes have been vomiting? Are the snakes generating their own codes or are they duplicating already existing codes? How is any of these possible, because they will make the currencies fake…
Perhaps, the snakes are like Bishop Obinim, stealing the cash from Bank of America. Considering how many these sakawa boys are, it is implausible that the bank has still not yet detected that some of their cash have been disappearing in large numbers and appearing in Ghana to be spent.
People claim Obinim is a fraud and talks nonsense; yet these same people believe in nonsense and fraudulent ideas which flourish Obinim and co’s businesses.
For me; let’s start employing critical evaluation in all aspects of our lives and soon, folks like Obinim will be pushed into oblivion. And it starts with ditching the sort of nonsense and impossibilities we just believe in because we are told by some lunatic.
Who has seen a snake vomiting dollars before? And why always dollars but not Yen or Pounds?


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