AUDIO: 'Any Nursing Student Who Gets Pregnant Must Report to the Principal for Counselling & Deferment' | Another Pregnant Nursing Student KICKED OUT of Her Final Year Speaks to GC

It’s absurd and repugnant that women who have long been marginalised and discriminated against by men, supported by the many patriarchal institutions who are working extra hard to empower themselves through education in Ghana are intentionally being denied the right to be fully educated or certified, without unreasonable interferences.
A few days ago, GhanaCelebrities.Com picked up a report that,“3 female students of the Nurses and Midwifery Training School, Mampong, Ashanti have been denied opportunity to register and write their licensing Exams with the Nurses and Midwifery Council on grounds that they are pregnant.”
I stated in my related commentary that; “It’s offensive and an indictment on all of us that such a thing has even taken place in Ghana—-in view of the global call for women empowerment, through education and independence.
And the shocking part is, these women are not even young girls where you could offensively argue that they are students and have no business getting pregnant. One of them is a married woman of 35 years.”
Despite “Ghana’s domestic laws prohibiting discrimination; and discrimination based on gender or pregnancy or marriage is globally outlawed by the various Human Rights instruments”—this is happening in Ghana and it’s not even just in one institution, it seems to be a cut-across institutional practice.
Following this report, another nursing student, 29, in her final who has been forced to leave her education because she is pregnant has contacted us—and her story is just as the others; sad and a reflection of everything that’s wrong with this insane pregnancy rule.
Until she was kicked out (technically forced to defer) in April, she was a student of Jirapa Midwifery Training College in the Upper West region.
It’s shocking that this is happening in 21st century Ghana—and in this student’s case, the principal adamant on ensuring she does not come to college with her pregnancy is a woman.
When I studied for my first degree in London, I had not less than 4 pregnant women in my year group each year—-one of my good friends even had a child right before we completed Law School. These were young students, with ages ranging from 19-26.

Handbook or Rule Book for Jirapa Midwifery Training College
Handbook or Rule Book for Jirapa Midwifery Training College

At my postgraduate university, the story was the same, except that I even had several mothers at the Law School and interestingly, the universities (both undergraduate and postgraduate level) went the beyond ordinary to accommodate the needs of the mothers and pregnant women so that the lives they had chosen did not serve as a bulwark to their education and empowerment.
It’s purely unjust and a violation of the human rights of these women that these training colleges have this unfair pregnancy rule in place, compelling them to leave their education.
All around the world, women are directly and indirectly oppressed and discriminated against, and they are forced to reside at the bottom of the conversation
Women’s rights were so much plodded on that the UN Convention on the Elimination of  All Forms of Discrimination Against Women was specifically adopted in 1979, to deal with things like the issue at hand but even in 2016, Ghanaian women are being denied a right to obtain a certificate by virtue of the fact that they are pregnant or women.
These are human beings and not dogs; what sort of insensitive and backward people do we have making such absurd decisions?
If this was anywhere in the West that I have seen, special provisions would rather be made for the pregnant students—-so that they could write their exams comfortably and at peace.
Listen to the pregnant nursing student (who wishes to remain anonymous) tell her story… 


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