Folks Are Claiming John Dumelo Did Not Complete His Civil Engineering Degree At KNUST Because He Failed Some Papers Which He Never Went Back to Re-Sit

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John Dumelo
John Dumelo

Ghanaian actor-John Dumelo is widely said to have studied and obtained a degree in Civil Engineering from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.
However, certain social media folks claim it’s not wholly true as he did not complete his course–they say he failed some papers, about 5 in all which he did not bother to resit them.
Yesterday, GhanaCelebrities.Com broke the news that John Dumelo has enrolled and started classes at GIMPA’s School of Public Service and Governance–studying for another degree.
Following the publications, folks claiming to be in the known on social media said, it’s not wholly true when it’s reported as John Dumelo having a Civil Engineering degree form KNUST because he did not complete his course fully.
It’s rumoured that John while at KNUST failed about 5 papers which he was expected to re-sit them, but never did.
We reached out to John Dumelo for comments—and he’s yet to respond to our calls.

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  1. Chris Vincent and GC, all graduates and school records are available at KNUST administration block.
    It will take one phone call or one flight to Kumasi to verify whether these claims are true or false. As journalists please do your jobs and verify these claims before you slander someone’s name wrongfully.
    What if you check and the claim is wrong? will you render an apology to John for implying he failed in school? And at least if you check and its true, then we all know you got the info from a credible source, not faceless people hiding behind the internet.
    So please just be professional about such serious allegations and check with the KNUST administration.

    1. You must be a smart fool. You think universities will give information on students and past students to media? Where did you hear that happen? They won’t tel them a thing if they call them

      1. You are a true definition of an ignoramus (check the dictionary for meaning).
        1. DONT you know that every university publishes a year book with the names of all graduants throughout the world?
        2. DONT you know that especially in Ghana (and I went to Legon University) publishes the names and class of honour you earned on the PUBLIC notice board?
        3. Are you saying there is no way GC can verify simple information such as a graduation or certificate from a more credible source than from a faceless !diot like you who is fortunate to carry a cheap smartphone with internet access and feels its ok to type any toxic non$sense about another human being?

        1. @Cathy AM obviously KNUST can give out all the names of those who graduated but I don’t think they would reveal whether he failed in some subjects — and that is the most important info

          1. Dave my point is – obviously if he really didnt pass all his papers or re-write them, then his name is NOT going to be part of any list of students who graduated from KNUST. Simple.

      2. How do you think the likes of Kwesi Pratt and Kwaku Baako etc etc can get their hands on even highly classified information, not just simple graduation info? Its called INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM…. not just relying on big mouths with no brains like you James.

  2. So dumelo, that your big head is only good for womanizing, swindling money, lies, breaking the hearts of women and now politricks? All your paa paa that you are a civil engineer so if JM or a vetting committee asks to see ur certificate today what will u say?
    Sar, please I bomb ooo…No wonder you run to GIMPA. It was to cover this big hole in your a$$head. SMH

  3. I am one of the women John “borrowed” money from and never paid back in new york city a few yrs back. I was too embarrassed to say anything then because I was afraid people will mock me, judge me or even call me desperate because I was slightly older than him. So I left everything in the hands of karma. I knew in my heart I did john no wrong.
    But since then I’ve watched john go through rings of fire and I just look at the heavens and smile.
    John thought he could play with satan’s balls and run to God for cover? John, I don’t think God works that way. I think for every innocent and genuine tears that has fallen to the ground or on pillows and in churches from women because of your treatment was heard and felt by God from us.
    I was beyond proud of the lady who recently took you to the police because I believe u never saw that karma coming. If it is true that you lied to her for over 4 years even while she supported u wholeheartedly as a genuine partner then I think this is only the beginning of the karma that is heading full speed in ur way. The emotional agony and pain, the lies, the false promises, the pretense, the cheating and the games. Then on top of all that you wake up and quote bible verses to us? its true that even the devil knows bible verses too. Marriage is NOT by force so if you had no intention of marry her why tell her that? But I KNOW it was because of your own wicked and selfish gains and comfort and pretense to Ghana ppl that you are balling. That woman is someone’s sister, daughter, bestfriend and u didn’t even care. She could have happily settled somewhere better but you had the audacity to treat her this way for over 4 solid years? Really! Now your time of exposure and disgrace has come.
    People I beg u, pls don’t think its envy or haters bringing John down. Everything dumelo is going thru is as a result of every single action and decision he took and thought he will get away with it BUT God is not asleep and he will NEVER fall asleep.

    1. Eisshh John be like ur womanizing & tricks r really coming back to haunt u oo.
      A woman’s tears and words can follow u for generations especially if she is/was good to you. Women are a special and delicate creation from God so never take advantage of them or fool them otherwise you indirectly offend God. Chale dumelo pray to God, fast, do whatever u can becos the rate at which you are in the news for negative reasons which are often true is alarming, ask God for forgiveness and take out ur huge diary of women and start calling them and ask for forgiveness too….this matter is no joke and can follow u for generations and into ur household especially if u indeed took from them and broke their hearts knowing very well they had developed feelings for u from false hopes you gave them. Yoooo!!!!! a word to the wise

      1. Dumelo u blast oo, 4 years+ and the woman still had ur sakawa back? That’s loyalty right there and she must have been a very strong woman too dealing with a headache like u for years. I’ve never dated that long before but am sure if I did its highly possible I would have married the person. Dumelo, women are like elastic bands, if you stretch too much she will surely snap AND if there is an unforeseen/unexpected trigger she will definitely snap too. I strongly believe a 4 years+ girlfriend would not go to police easily UNLESS she was snapped horribly so whatever it was, its on YOU John. Either YOU did something extremely hurtful and ungrateful to her or YOU allowed something or someone to trigger her in an extremely painful manner. You lose guard waa. loyalty, strong , generous, supportive women are very uncommon these days so good luck after you messed up this one. I hope instead of blaming the lady you rather accept majority responsibility because if you had played your part honestly and truthfully, you would not have pushed this woman to the police station. Never.

  4. Call it karma, fate, God, justice whatever – the fact is John has been unimaginably wicked to certain women who truly gave him their all because he fed them lies without remorse. Payback is a b!tch. Now he is getting lashed & whopped left, right and center lately. He must ask himself why and pray.
    I mean look at the lady u messed with, regarding the cheque issue, you just bit more than you thought u could chew….its not everyone you f00l and humiliate in life especially depending on the goodness in their heart. Even God will not permit you to go free. Make amends & make peace.

  5. Errr please where are his classmates? why have you all gone silent.
    When the list came out did you people see Dumelo’s name or not.
    Every university releases a list of grandaunts. Even dumelo’s roommates have gone silent, it can only mean its true the guy bombed. Dumelo just be bold, come out clean and say it, afterall we can all see u are making an effort to rectify your bombings by enrolling at GIMPA. Nobody will judge u – but if you remain silent one day you will be confronted directly at a rally and that will be MOST embarrassing.

    1. The classmates and roommates have become like Bawumia….THEY SAY THEY WERE NOT THERE OOOO….Lol
      Chale disgrace paa nie. smh at re-write until u pass….!diot

  6. John is one of the most self imposed controversial people in Ghana, so if I were JM I would NEVER consider dumelo for any key ministerial appointment or post because John cant help himself and his conscience is clouded because he has duped and swindled many for so long that its become a part of him. when it comes to trouble, he will surely embarrass the president should the party EVEN win and he is appointed anything serious.
    They can give him some contract or 2 but for goodness sake don’t hang this controversial boy who can even take money from a woman who has a baby in broad daylight without feeling bad until Anas chases him and he begs Anas before making the payments back.

  7. Nobody should feel sorry for dumelo, he is the creator of all his problems and disgraces.
    He had over a decade to re-write these papers instead he was womanizing from country to country, now that it is ur wish to be given a political post which will require rigorous background vetting, you have run to GIMPA to see if you can quickly cover your a$$ but you are not smart because the vetting committee will STILL ask you about KNUST and your certificate especially since you are a person of “high controversy and risk”.
    You know when they say about the truth will always come out? As for you, you are finished because if they start digging into ur life and bringing witnesses (which they can) ur vetting will be about 8 hours long. Kwasia…..

  8. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE all these many ugly reports are coincidences.There is truth in some if not most of them. Dumelo you are doing something very wrong in ur life. I met u once at lord of the wings and aside from ur height there is NOTHING extraordinary about u. The first thing I noticed was your incredibly massive nose, then I noticed that ur facial skin isn’t even smooth, then I noticed you have grown a pot belly already at your young age then to top it all of you have BIG noticeable man boobs, even under your chest I could see it. Some women don’t even have breasts that big.
    Then there’s the rumored vienna size (extremely tiny) sausage btn ur legs.! As soon as ur half cast ex-girlfriend of 2 yrs left you she got pregnant and got married didn’t she?. Not just her, 3 others immediately got pregnant.. Does that worm btn ur legs even work? God gave you name for a reason BUT all you are doing is taking advantage of your name. You are such a disgrace and stup!d man. If you had spent half the time u use to chase women re-writing ur papers u wouldn’t have been begging ur political connections to push u into GIMPA by force.
    On behalf of all the women you have trampled over and genuinely hurt, may that vienna sausage that cant even get ur ex’s pregnant shrink even further….nonsense! (and yes one of ur ex’s told me u didn’t use protection for 2 years so u have a problem, u just haven’t realized it). If someone brings u a pregnant do DNA test ok. Buulu Kwashia…….