Abena Korkor Addo Is Back And Reveals Reason Why She Released Her Own Naked Video – I Have Bipolar Disorder

Nana Abena Korkor Addo
Nana Abena Korkor Addo

You remember Abena Korkor Addo? She was the girl who shocked the entire country when some videos of her were leaked showing her dancing whilst changing before a mirror – before another batch showed her dancing maniacally in public whilst numerous boys fondled her.
It was shocking at the time because she was a candidate for the school’s SRC President position and the videos portrayed her in a not particularly flattering light.
Korkor has opened up about the February 2015 incidents, what exactly led her to behave in such an erratic manner that torpedoed her SRC Presidency chances. Read interview below…
“I released the video myself,” she said when asked who leaked them. “It was just a bunch of girls having fun. We were changing cloths that we bought and we were dancing and taking pictures and videos but the video was not meant to be put out.”
“After I released the videos, a lot of things happened and I ended up in the hospital and after thorough examinations I was told that I have mental instability and they diagnosed it as bipolar disorder and what I was going through that resulted in what I did was just a manic face of the disorder. So I posted the video myself but I didn’t do it with my clear mind and I didn’t even know what I was doing.”
“As for the motive, up till now anytime I think about it I can’t seem to figure out the motive behind what I did. Because at that time I was competing for SRC president so why would I do that? If I want to get fame or become popular, there are so many ways I could have done that. So why that way? I just can’t I understand.
“I will take this platform to apologise to people who had trust in me and shared their private information with me that I put it out, I apologise for that and for everybody who was affected or dragged into this in one way or the other. It was not my intention to do that,”
Korkor added that her experiences had led to her forming an organisation to help improve mental health in the country. She said the state of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital when she was there was so pathetic she had to run away. Her organisation, PsychoSocial Africa, also aims to serve as a support group for those battling mental health issues to help each other and to educate society on mental health challenges.


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