Absolute Meanness: These Videos Show That Shatta Wale Does Not Respect His Wife & Everyone Else Can Equally Disrespect Her in Any Manner Possible

Shatta Wale

You can erect whatever insane argument on the back of showbiz to try and justify this pathetic exhibit of Shatta Wale, which we believe is grounded in absolute contempt of his marriage to Shatta Mitchy.

How you treat your wife outside the house is how others will treat her–and if you talk crap to her or behave in such a grossly disrespectful and offensive manner, do not expect anyone, especially your rivals to treat her with any dose of respect.

Must a married man who respects his wife, proudly record himself not only splashing cash on the asses of whores but also be spanking them?

If you are a decent woman, would you accept your husband doing this in front of the cameras–on the back of the argument that he’s an artist?

What has this got to do with being a dancehall artist? Rather, this has everything to do with being disrespectful to your wife, and mother of your child. In fact, it bothers on having no respect for women in general.

We have international stars like Denzel Washington, whose respectful brand catches on his wife and family–because he treats them with total respect, no one would want to overstep the boundaries.

Now, if anyone throws insults or shades or disrespects Shatta Wale’s wife, he shouldn’t think he has any moral right to attack the person–for, he is the big ‘disrespector’ of his own wife.

Check out the videos below…


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