Kumasi City Mall Denies Flock Of Sheep, Hawkers Were At Its Grand Opening Amidst Other Mischievous Things

Kumasifuor” better known as residents of Kumasi have just been introduced to a modern shopping center facility which was officially opened for business to commence yesterday.

The Grand Opening of the Kumasi City Mall caused a stir across social media as the usual trolls fingered out some mischievous behaviours and things spotted during the opening that boosted jokes.

The total land area of 15.4 acres Mall is located at Asokwa and pictures that flooded social media indicated that the heavily crowded opening of mall saw peeps taking selfies at rare places of the modern business center, also on tape is how many avoided using escalator whilst few who mastered courage to use it fell trying or wondered how it works.

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Among the many fascinating things is a flock of sheep among the crowd with the presence of street hawkers as well. However, an unverified twitter account of the Mall has denied all that.


An obvious parody twitter page for West Hills Malls replied the tweet saying that yes truly those things actually happened at the Kumasi Mall.


Flip through next pages to see photos and other mischievous things we gathered from social media and tells us if they are true or not. Thus, if you were there too.


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