Former MP George Boakye – I’ve Committed No Visa Fraud And I’m Prepared To Prove It In Court

The former MP for Asunafo North, George Boakye, who was one of four lawmakers cited for Visa Fraud by the UK, has denied strenuously that he committed any fraud as is being claimed.

Boakye, who had earlier revealed that he was ‘tricked’ by his daughter to take her along on a trip to the UK, insists she went on her own visa and he did not get it for her through his diplomatic status.

In a letter issued by his lawyers, Boakye says the facts of the case are not what was put out by the British High Commissioner in his letter to Parliament, and thus the air should be cleared and any travel ban imposed on him lifted or he’ll be forced to take legal action.

“My client cannot in any way be blamed because his adult daughter overstayed her Entry Permit into the U.K.” his lawyers wrote.

“We will also strongly want to bring to your attention that my client applied for a visa and the daughter Joyce Boakye also applied for her own separate visa. The visa applications were independent of each other just that my client indicated that he will be travelling with his daughter who is an adult,”

It added: “We are expecting that based on the information we have provided we expect your high office to reverse any travel ban imposed on my client and also come to the public domain to clear the issues. Your failure to do so will compel my client to use all legal means to appeal against any decision to impose a travel ban on him to the UK and also clear him name”


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