Jollof Wars – John Dumelo Goes After ‘Tasteless’ Nigerian Jollof Rice

John Dumelo

The Ghana-Nigeria jollof wars continue unabated as people from either side of the conversation continues to make their argument as to why they have the best jollof.

During the week, CNN’s Richard Quest was in Nigeria and had the chance to adjudicate the conflict but instead decided to chicken out.

Actor John Dumelo weighed in on the war earlier today on twitter, going on the offensive against Nigerian jollof.

“Ghanaians make the best jollof simple! Nigerians mix rice and oil with no salt and call it Jellef. So u see….” he wrote on the social networking site.

That triggered some debate on his wall, with the best response coming from one Nigerian follower.

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“U wan release new film abi? Nigerians are busy watching football so be bold enough to ask Yvonne Nelson out first before becomin chief Judge” @jeffp1000 tweeted back at him.

The jollof wars are real and they continue to dominate the social media conversation.


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