DJ Switch, I Feel Sorry For You That You’re Growing Up in Such A Deranged Society, Writes CHRIS-VINCENT

DJ Switch

In May this year, Pakistani comedian Yasir Hussain made a joke, saying (what a beautiful child molester, I wish I was a child).

And immediately, the Pakistan’s performing art community called him out on his poor taste of humour–with social media users on his neck, he quickly apologised.

In January 2017, Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich was suspended indefinitely from her role at the NBC show after she used President Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron, 10-year-old as the punchline of her joke – and she was met with severe criticism.

She apologised but was still suspended.

In the same 2017 in the West African country called Ghana, a struggling comedian says an 8-year-old child should be given a boyfriend, impliedly to be fucked with a d*ck–else she will become a lesbian as she is a tomboy.

And you have a bunch of sociopaths, defending him, calling it a JOKE.

This civilisation is a century behind.

No sane person would put a child in the same sentence with sex, lesbian and boyfriend–and find it acceptable.

DJ Switch, I feel sorry for you that you are growing up in such a deranged society, obviously with no protection for children.


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