Capt. Mahama’s Lynching Is Nothing New – George Quaye

George Quaye has sounded off his opinion on the recent lynching of an army officer, describing it as nothing new in Ghanaian society.

The tv show host and Charterhouse official said many incidents that cause harm to others are recorded in Ghana everyday without any outcry.

Writing on social media, Quaye listed many wrong things that have occurred in Ghana over the years showing our lack of emphaty as a people.

The only solution, for Quaye, is to pray for Ghana.

He wrote:

We’ve heard of mothers wrap innocent newborns in plastics and leave them at dump sites. We’ve seen mothers/fathers beat up their own children to injury points and even worse. We’ve seen and heard of neighbours fight and kill each other over guinea fowls and other trivial things. We’ve seen terrible mob actions against our own right here on Facebook. We’ve read articles, posts, comments and updates from our fellow countrymen and women that pierce right through the souls of those they target. We’ve heard some of our radio/TV presenters, pundits and political elements spit venomous vituperations that don’t only scathe, bruise and abuse, but could actually push one to the point of suicide. How often haven’t we heard of an old woman beaten to death, chained or locked up in some dark room because someone called her a witch? Tell me the difference between us and the Denkyira folk who killed this fine Captain and have possibly torn a family apart? Proverbial Ghanaian hospitality indeed! #PrayforGhana!


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