'She Was Acting Too Bossy And Controlling Over My Lifestyle' – Mzbel On Why She Ended Her Friendship With Afia Schwarzenegger


Mzbel is talking once again about her former best friend Afia Schwarzenegger and defining what exactly led to their infamous ‘break-up’.
These two were once inseparable and now they virtually can’t stand each other.
Speaking on Adom TV, Mzbel was once again asked about what led to the break-up and she said it was due to Afia being overbearing and trying to control every aspect of her life.
“We were good friends and everything was perfect for us but then she started complaining about my dressing and other stuff I do.” she said.
“Although I allowed her to continue with her good counsel, she was acting too bossy and controlling over my own lifestyle which to me wasn’t appropriate.”
“I asked her to keep her cool since I was good at handling my business but then she decided to go social media with our issues. That was too much for me. So we ended everything.” Mzbel continued.
Despite their break-up, Mzbel expressed immense admiration for Afia, describing her as a ‘strong’ woman.
“I still admire Afia Schwarzenegger a lot. She’s amazing and a strong woman who’s determined.” she said.
“I really wish we could last as friends but it’s for good that we no-longer hanging out. Our friendship has ended forever.”


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