Gifty Anti Opens Up — I Cried After My Baby Was Born

Oheneyere Gifty Anti has opened up on why she shed uncontrollable tears after her baby had been born.
The mother of the baby with the longest name in Gh recollected that her daughter, Nyame Animunyam Afia Asaa Afrakoma Sintim-Misa, contracted jaundice after she was born and had to be placed inside an incubator, leading her to break down.
“A day before I was discharged from the hospital after giving birth, I was told to monitor my baby…in the evening I looked in the eyes and realized it was yellow; meaning she has jaundice. Even though I knew it can be treated, I couldn’t hold back my tears…” Anti revealed during a recent appearance on Peace Fm’s flagship Kokrokoo program.
“It is not easy for any mother to hear that her baby is going to be put in an incubator; how much more when you know your pre-term baby might die because of a lack of an incubator.” she added.
The veteran broadcaster gave birth to her ‘miracle’ baby earlier this year after her marriage to Nana Ansah Kwao IV two years ago.


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