Judge Tells Criminal To Recite 'The Lord's Prayer' And Go Free And This Dumb Guy Failed To Do So!

I’m not even a Christian and I can recite the Lord’s prayer start to finish, so what’s up with this prisoner who most likely is one failing such a simple test for freedom.
It’s amazing the sorts of things that happen in this country day in and day out.
According to Starrfmonline.com, a convict in the Ashanti region who was given the chance for freedom by simply reciting the Lord’s prayer failed to do so.
The convict, who was serving a four year jail term, was asked by the judge to recite the prayer and have his sentence completely struck out.
After he could not, the livid judge reportedly called him ‘stupid’ in court. However, he reduced his sentence to three months anyway.
Having criticized the thief for his lack of knowledge about the Lord’s Prayer, its equally absurd for any judge to be offering to commute sentences in such a manner. After-all, not everyone in the country is a Christian and justices are supposed to serve the secular law, not their religious convictions.


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