Ghanaians Don't Like The 'Clean' Songs I Release These Days — Lord Paper

Lord Paper has come out to reveal that he has ‘changed’ from his days of ‘Awurama’ and other erotic music videos meant to gauge attention from Ghanaians and that going forward, he would release only ‘clean’ songs.
Despite his resolution, Lord Paper also complained that Ghanaians don’t really patronize the ‘clean’ songs he’s now dropping.
As you’ll recall, Lord Paper dropped his bombshell ‘Awurama’ single in 2016 which was basically a ‘p0no’ video showing him having s*x with Nana Yaa Jamaican.
The video went viral due to its s*xually explicit nature and brought Lord Paper the fame he wanted.
Now, he’s pledging not to go down that path anymore.

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“Right now I’ve changed. I [am doing] clean stuff…It is so clean that people don’t even like [it],” he told Joy News in an interview.
“I just respect Ghanaians. I do the music for them. If they tell me they don’t like this thing, I have to listen,” he added.
When asked if he had regretted releasing ‘Awurama’, Lord Paper said he has not because it brought him the fame he currently enjoys and propelled his career to bigger heights.


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