(Watch Video) Meet The American Woman Who Speaks Ewe Language Fluently Than Most Of Our Ewe Folks In Ghana

One of the most difficult languages in Ghana is the Ewe language, most Ghanaians will prefer learning a different language to Ewe.
Now, this American woman has proven that the Ewe language can be learned by anyone irrespective of their race. She speaks the Ewe language fluently as if she was born and bred in the Ewe land.

Information gathered indicates that she spent most of her life studying the culture and traditions of the Ewe people, and has now mastered the Ewe language to the extent she speaks and understands it even more than a typical Ewe folk.
She was brought to light during an interview with Ben Dotsei Malor, a Ghanaian diplomat and United Nations official. He dug deep into how she was able to master the Ewe language.
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“She has lived and learned in Togo, and speaks fondly of the generosity, humanity, and dignity she was shown in West Africa. She now teaches Music, Drumming and Dancing of the Ewe people of Southern Ghana, Togo and Benin, at Stony Brook University, New York,” Ben Dotsei Malor wrote on his Facebook page.

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Watch the video.


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