Captain Planet's Yet-To-Be-Released Song (Akpeteshie) To Be Banned By FDA

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Captain Planet’s yet-to-be-released song ‘Akpeteshie’ to be banned by the Food and Drugs Authority if the lyrics of the song incites people to drink ‘Akpeteshie’ excessively according to
‘Akpeteshie’ as locally called is said to be the spirit of the nation and has a lot of uses with different names, some call it ‘apio’, others too call it ‘ogya’.

Normally when someone says he or she is going to the blue kiosk then the person is obviously going to take in ‘Akpeteshie’.
The ‘akpeteshie’ is locally produced without a proper sealing or bottling, it is usually served in used bottles.

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As it stands now, the lyrics of Captain Planet’s ‘akpeteshie’ song is still not known, and as to whether it is going to advise people to stay away from it or incite people to drink excessively, we cannot tell.
But according to, they have reliably been informed that the song will incite people to drink excessively. in an exclusive interview with a representative from the FDA explained:
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“If truly Captain Planet releases the ‘Akpeteshie’ song and he advocates for the excessive intake of the spirit since he believes it is manufactured in Ghana so people must drink it more so that the producers would make profit, well it’s good to make profit but looking at the complications surrounding excessive drinking, we shall ban the song..I will really be surprised if a role model like Captain Planet would do such a song”.

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