Ghanaians Are Self-Hating Snitches Who Like To "Chook" Succesful People – Duncan Williams

In Ghana, once you dare to be successful, expect society to poke their noses into your every affair, trying to investigate the source of your wealth. We are so envious and jealous of each other that when one of our own is flourishing, instead of being motivated to do better for ourselves, we waste energy devising ways just to bring them down. Like crabs, we will drag those trying to get out of the barrel down to our level so we can all be failures together.
We are so good at it that we have a name for it. PHD. Pull Him Down. Most unsuccessful Ghanaians are so vitriolic towards rich people and somehow blame them for the pathetic states of their own lives. We rejoice like we won the lottery anytime a successful person gets into trouble. And most of us are Christians, ironically. And who better to know about the double standards of Christians that a man of God himself?
According to the founder of Action House Chapel, Archbishop Duncan Williams, there is a demon that possesses Ghanaians to report one another. Trust a man of God to attribute our very nature to demonic possession. During his Sermon on Sunday, the Archbishop descended heavily on people who have made it their business to be “snitches.
“When a new government comes into office, we will go reporting one another until we use the new government to destroy somebody before we’ll be at peace…that is the demon of Ghanaians”, he ranted. “I went to a professor’s house in Singapore…and you know what he told me, he said ‘Bishop you and Kwabena Darko are the only two Ghanaians that have been to my house. No other Ghanaian has been invited and I will not invite any’. I said why he said if any Ghanaian come and see where I am living and how blessed I am, I will lose my job”.
He said the only way Ghanaians can prevent foreigners from taking what is ours is if we learn to celebrate our own.  “Until we learn to celebrate one another, we will never be celebrated, until we learn to celebrate one another, strangers and foreigners will take our inheritance and the inheritance of our children,” he preached.
He observed that Ghanaians hate themselves and he would have had a bigger church if he was  situated elsewhere in the world. “There’s something about Ghanaians, we have self-hatred… there are people who don’t like me not because I have done anything against them, they just don’t like my audacity.”


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