Wendy Shay's "Uber Driver" Hits 1 Million Views On YouTube

Wendy Shay’s hit song, “Uber Driver” has hit 1 million views on Google’s video uploading channel YouTube.
Amidst the social media trolling, Wendy Shay seems to be making some good cash with her “Uber Driver” on the internet.

According to GC’s checks on “Uber Driver” on YouTube, Wendy Shay is soaring high with the track — this means her song has exposed her to 1 million Ghanaians and still counting.
The lyrics of the song “Uber Driver” was criticised by Radio and TV presenter, Abeiku Santana. He was of the view that the lyrics in the song will go a long way to corrupt the moral values of Ghanaian youths.

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But CEO of RuffTown Records Bullet, responding to Abeiku’s rants smartly explained that the song is a road safety campaign song to educate drivers as well as pedestrians not to be distracted by pretty women with huge a$$es along the roadside.
Watch the music video of Wendy Shay’s “Uber Driver” below.


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