PHOTOS: The Night When Fashion Went 'CRAZY' ─ Check Out All The 'Crazy' And Weird “KVIP” Poses At 2018 Glitz Style Awards

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‘Crazy’ poses @2018 Glitz Awards

As it’s often said, “Fashion is personal” and a quick glance at some photos at the 2018 Glitz Style Awards perfectly confirms the cliché. Aside from the nice and beautiful outfit celebrities wore to the event, there were another group of people─ I refer to them as happy, outgoing and ‘crazy’ people.
These folks redefined fashion on the night with their ‘crazy’ outlook and “KVIP” poses─ they wore the unexpected and gave all the ‘crazy’ poses for the cameras.

From posing with guns, posing like the witches in Harry Potter’s movie series and the likes happened on the night, kind courtesy these happy and ‘crazy’ folks.

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In fact, they lit up the night with their nonconformism fashion style.
Check all the photos below.


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