Ghanaian Wins Ghc 57m In Sports Betting But SafariBet Are Using Below the Belt ‘Mafia’ Tactics To Deny Him His Payment

Sports betting is currently one of the most lucrative businesses across the globe, and when we say lucrative we mean lucrative for the companies who run the betting and not the customers. Every single day around the world, millions more people lose their money to betting companies than those who win.

In fact if I’m being honest, I’ve placed bets myself countless times on numerous football games and the number of times I’ve won minuscule amounts of money far pale in comparison to the amounts of money I’ve lost to these companies.

That’s how they make money of course; more people lose money than win and when it’s all said and done, they finish far ahead of the curve.

However, one of the most prominent betting companies in the country, SafariBets, have found themselves in hot water after one of their customers won a gargantuan amount of money they never could have dreamed of paying out even in their wildest nightmares.

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Theophilus Morgan from Nungua placed an accumulator bet of Ghc 1 on 24 matches with a total odds of 261,833. That means if he won, he would be entitled to Ghc 261,833.

Morgan then incredibly placed this same bet a total of 220 different times!

After spending a total of Ghc 220, his bet incredibly occurred and he won Ghc 261,833 on each of his slips, a total, mind boggling sum of Ghc 57m.

However, it was after his win that the shady SafariBet started putting measures in place to ensure they don’t pay him out the money he’s owed.

According to reports by ghbase, after Morgan’s win he amazingly realized his account had been blocked by the company. In search of answers (and his money), he visited the company’s offices at Labadi, where after several hours his account was restored, but with one significant change.

The company had deleted his repeat slips and left him with only one out of the 220 slips he placed bets on. On the back of that, they credited his account with only Ghc 286,991 instead of the Ghc 57m he actually won.

Without the evidence of the other 219 slips the company claims he’s only entitled to the Ghc 286,991, and they have expressed willingness to pay him so long as he signs a document indicating he won only one slip and not 220.

Unfortunately for the company, there’s evidence online of the massive win by Theophilus as after his initial win the story went viral and screenshots of his Ghc 57m account balance exists on the internet. The new account balance is now Ghc 286,991.



Theophilus has retained legal counsel and has made it clear he’s going to fight to get all the money owed him by the company which is trying to behave like an insurance company who chops all your premiums but then balks when they have to pay you something in return.

Theophilus has been betting for a long time and surely has lost many similar bets to the company and he’s never been refunded a pesewa. Similarly many other Ghanaians have been betting and losing monies to the company which they gladly scoop up.

SafariBet’s disgraceful mafia tactics in this case to try and cheat a person who fair and square won at their own game needs to be called out and with this story going viral, they are going to have to respond sooner rather than later or suffer a mass exodus of customers to a fairer company.

It wasn’t that long ago that Betway made waves for paying a customer who won close to Ghc 1m.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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