Fella Is A Good Person with a Good Heart, Leave us Alone to ‘Chill’ — Medikal ‘Bores’ Ghanaians

AMG Business rapper Medikal has called on Ghanaians to leave him and his sweetheart alone to chop their love.

We know they post everything about themselves on social media for public consumption but if you could just watch and not comment negatively, they would appreciate it very much.

Medikal told Showbiz that Fella is a good person and not a heartless relationship wrecker as Ghanaians perceive her to be.

“I get it that my ex and I were known figures and people fell in love with us as a couple so it hit them when the people they looked up to did not end up where they wanted them to be but I ask that they leave us alone, myself and Fella.

“Instead of insulting and wishing for our downfall, they should wish us the best.” Medikal told the Showbiz.

“Fella is a good person with a good heart, I respect her so much and so far things have been good. I think people should just accept us for what we share and leave the rest to God,”

Medikal dumped Sister Derby painfully for his supposed bestie and thus he was asked if he’s not going to do the same thing to Fella one day.

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 “Not at all, it will not. For me, I am a very optimistic person and does not wake up thinking of the negatives.

“For now, I am happy and peaceful where I am so those who do not like us should please channel their energies into purchasing our works.” the ‘Confirm’ hitmaker added.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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