Is Pope Skinny Telling Us Married Men Do NOT Deserve Any Form Of Loyalty?

The  CEO of Asuoden Music, Pope Skinny has shared his view on ladies who for whatever reasons date married men and still stay loyal to them— to him, it remains unfathomable.

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From where we are sitting, our man is taking it from the fact that the man is himself married and cheating on his wife hence he does not deserve any form of loyalty and is the last person anyone should show him any degree of that— after all, what is good for the geese is equally good for the gander.

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I personally do not sleep on the same bed with Skinny on this one— what has been married gotten to do with loyalty? I mean any lady who dates a married knows what she is getting herself into from scratch, no one, even a cheating married man does not want to be cheated on and it is only right.

There is absolutely no foolishness in this. The bottom line is, you can still cheat in relationships and be loyal at the same time, perhaps if one has the raw guts to talk about it. Loyalty is about the devotion, allegiance and bond not necessarily cheating or not.

” The Highest Form of Stupidity Is A Girl Being Loyal To A Married Man”

Source: GhanaCelebrity.Com


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