PHOTO: Patapaa Buys A Brand New Lamborghini Car Worth $274,390?

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The ‘one corner’ hitmaker, Patapaa has posted a photo of himself sitting at the front side of a brand new Lamborghini car worth a whopping $274, 390 somewhere in Europe and we are asking, Is Patapaa that rich to purchase such a luxury car?

Patapaa posted the photo with the caption; “#Pa2PaSojas I’m okay here so stay cool y’all … We partying all Europe !!!

It’s clear that Patapaa just posed in front of the luxury car just for the usual social media ‘likes and comments’ as others have been doing.

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Some portals claim it’s his new car but until we see Patapaa cruise around in that kind of Lamborghini car in Ghana, we will treat it as one of those poses by Ghanaian celebrities when they travel outside Ghana.




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