Heartbroken Obrafour Speaks After ‘Arrogant’ Sarkodie Refused To Appear In His Documentary – He Can’t Even Think Far!

Obrafour has a broken heart. The legendary Ghanaian rapper is lost for words after he was unable to get Sarkodie to appear in his upcoming documentary.

As we reported earlier, Sarkodie somehow managed to postpone every opportunity to shoot the documentary and in the end, was not part of it. Read that full story here.

Despite his claims of being grateful to Obrafour and seeing him as a mentor, Sark’s ‘arrogance’ seems to have taken over and he did not want to be in the documentary.

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Obrafour himself is lost for words after he was asked to explain why Sark failed to appear in it.

According to him, he has no explanation and he can only assume that Sarkodie was too busy.

“…As to why, how [he failed to appear], it will be difficult to say anything concrete, it is what it is.

“Up till date he has not shown up, he had assured that he would be there but he has not been able to come through as his workload is too much,” Obrafour said.

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He added: “I am not offended by his disappointment that is why even I would want to say probably there is something hindering him that I may not know. The truth I am not this big because of human beings even if God blessed me through humans, God has a reason for doing that, so whatever happens I know it is for a reason.

“It may be for the good, it is only God who can tell if his feature will be a good omen or bad.”

Sarkodie has managed to make the greatest Ghanaian lyricist of all time fumble for words to explain his absence. This is no way to treat a legend like Obrafour.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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