I Want to Break Up With My Sugar Daddy But I Still Want to Chop His Money, How Do I Do That? – Worried ‘Golddigger’ Asks

Dating a sugar daddy can bring you all the ‘goodies’ you want as a golddigger, so long as you keep giving him the ego boosting s*x that he wants.

But what happens when you want out of the relationship but still want to chop?

A Ghanaian lady has revealed her current predicament to relationship guru Papa Mbir on Facebook.

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According to her, she wants to leave her sugar daddy but she wants some sort of ‘compensation’ before leaving.

So she’s basically asking for help to find a way to leave in such a manner that her sugar daddy still feels happy enough to pay her off.

I heard abortions can be pretty expensive…if you know what I mean.

Anyway, help a sister out!

Read her message below…

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“Hello Dave,

I am dating this very rich man, not for love but for an amount of money in mind. His ex, whom I know told me to control his mind by controlling his body with great s*x. I am doing that very well, and I am enjoying all the pearls and comfort that is coming with it.

I am planning on leaving him pretty soon, and I am yet to make my demands. He’s so dependent on me now that, I fear if I leave him, he may not be able to handle the break-up well. I like someone else who really meets my criteria. I don’t want to be insensitive towards my current partner.

How do I break things off amicably, get the compensation (money) due me, and not cause him any heartache? He’s so vulnerable right now.”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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