Is Attitudes Towards Homos*xuals the Reason Why People Like Chris Attoh, Bobrisky and the Ugandan Imam Say “We Are Not Gay”? | Guest Post By Nana Kwame

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Homos*xuality is the biggest taboo if not one of the biggest in most African communities in Africa. Some parents will disown their children if they found out they are homos*xuals while some parents will just try their best to hide it.

Being suspected as a homos*xual could result in one getting attacked verbally and physically on the streets of many African cities.  Although it is illegal to be a homos*xual in most countries, the law is rarely applied but when it is wrongly applied most times.

Nigerian police recently arrested a group of men at a party on the suspicion that they were gay. None of these men were caught in a homos*xual act but according to the police spokesman, there was no female at the party therefore what other reason will there be for a lot of men to gather in a hotel.

The perception and attacks on homos*xuals in the continent are the reason why majority of them remain in the shadows or claim they are straight when clearly one can tell that they are homos*xuals or at best transs*xuals.

Popular Ghanaian actor and TV presenter Chris Attoh for several years have had his s*xuality questioned even when he was married. The actor has denied the gay accusations and blame a fan he refused to sleep with for starting those rumours. Even though the actor has denied the accusations on several occasions and platforms, one has to ask the question, “why would he say he is given the climate in the industry and country he lives in?”

Nigerian socialite Bobrisky is another person who continue to claim he is straight but everything about him screams transsexual. Even though many have accepted his cross dressing and female make-up, a lot of us will not be able to accept that he is gay should he come out.  

An Imam in Uganda is currently on the run on the suspicion that he is a homos*xual although he claims he was tricked into a homos*xual relationship. The Imam recently found out that his wife of two weeks is actually a man after “she” was arrested for stealing.

Whether this man is homos*xual or not, why does he have to go to jail for being tricked? Surely what he has to say counts not just the act. Granted he could be a homos*xual and is in on the wife dressing up as female to hide his sex, but doesn’t that show how desperate this person is?

The Imam has become the butt of many jokes online and that shows the level of humanity in most of us.

We should empathise with people instead of throwing them under the bus.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

Nana Kwame