Five Top Tips to Making Sure Your Money Gets to Ghana, Quickly, Safely and Securely

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If you are one of the 114,000 Ghanaians living in the UK* or the thousands of others living outside of Ghana that send money back to family or friends at home, you’ll know that feeling connected with loved ones is so important right now. Especially as we face the challenges that COVID-19 brings to us both in the UK and in our home countries. It may be harder to travel to see loved ones and to share those key moments in their lives – but supporting them financially is a meaningful way of staying connected.  

There are many ways of sending money back to Ghana. You could send via a bank, through physical money kiosks or through online money transfer websites and applications. In the UK, the use of digital transfer services such as Remitly has risen because of how quick, easy and convenient they are – not to mention the fact that you don’t need to queue for hours at a time to send money physically, in this COVID-19 era.

If you are looking for a new way to send money home, read these top five tips from Jago McKenzie, Remittance Expert at Remitly. He shares how you can make sure you are getting the best deal and that your money makes its way to your loved ones in the most safe and secure way:

  1. Find a digital service that makes it quick and easy for you: With an array of options for sending money digitally – from mobile wallets to applications – it’s important to make sure that you find an option that makes your life easier and gets your money home quickly. With Remitly, your money can reach your family in minutes. The app is easy to download and quick to set up, so you can skip the long queues. Any self-serve app that lets you send money from your own home is the key to making your life easier when sending money overseas.
  1. Limit physical interaction as much as possible:  We all know that COVID is still a major consideration for how we go about our daily lives. Although UK businesses are starting to operate as they did before lockdown restrictions, social distancing is still advised. This can be difficult to achieve in queues, so where possible, send your money digitally and stay safe.
  1. Make sure the money transfer service is safe and secure: You want to make sure that your money gets to the person intended, so the safety and security of your money is key. At Remitly, we use full data encryption, ‘bank level’ security, and fraud monitoring. Online money transfer services like Remitly also often outline the steps they are taking to protect your account and personal information so you can be sure that your money is safe. So, use a known and trusted provider that can give you the peace of mind that you need to ensure your money gets to where it needs to be.
  1. Find the right delivery option for you: We all need flexibility with our money transfers. More often than not, we want to send money quickly to a mobile wallet, but you might also want to use a bank deposit or cash pick up option when it is more convenient. Make sure you find a provider who can offer you plenty of alternatives for sending and receiving your money. If you’re looking for peace of mind when sending money, Remitly’s delivery promise gives customers the date and time your money will be received. If your transfer doesn’t arrive on time, you get your fees back.
  1. Expect great customer service: Make sure the service you choose is set up and well known for providing customer service you need – someone you can reach and talk to if you need to ask any questions. Check out reviews on sites such as Trustpilot and the app stores before you choose your app.
With our lives slowly returning to normal and children returning to school in September, there are plenty of moments to celebrate with others. If you have family and friends in Ghana, the importance of transferring money to your loved ones so they can enjoy these times couldn’t be more vital.  Whether it’s money to help them celebrate or for more practical reasons, you can make sure your money is delivered securely, quickly and conveniently by using trusted providers such as Remitly.

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