Bobrisky’s New Surgery Goes Bad As She’s Rushed to Hospital With Massive Hip Pain

The glamour lifestyle always comes with risks and Bobrisky is facing it right now as her most recent surgery has gone completely bad.

The Nigerian transgender has shared a video revealing that she has been hospitalized with a case of acute hip pain.

The pain is as a result of Bobrisky‘s recent surgery which looks to have gone completely awry.

bobrisky surgery

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In a video, Bobrisky shared the huge number of intravenous drips that has been placed on her at the hospital to help her deal with the pain.

She did not make it clear which hospital she was rushed to, just that things went bad and she had to be rushed to hospital.

She revealed it happened two nights ago.

“I was rushed to d nearest hospital two nite ago cos I was having massive pain on hips 😫😫😫. No regret !!! Banging body loading… massive pain was already expected. Now my market fee has increased. You all need to see my hips 😫😫😫😫 is damn big and s*xy.” she said.

Bobrisky flew out of Nigeria recently to have surgery on her body as she works tirelessly to become a full-fledged woman.

Bobrisky bid everyone farewell on Instagram before her trip. She claimed she was going to have the surgery done in the Dominican Republic.

To everyone’s shock, she later came back online to stream her entire surgical procedure on Instagram Live!

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Bobrisky later came back to Nigeria but has kept her new body hidden.

However, it appears the surgery is now going wrong as Bobrisky has reported feeling stinging hip pain.

Having to be rushed to hospital again after such a surgery can never be good news – one can only hope Bobrisky receives the help she needs.

Bobrisky has spent all this money on her body but her scary no makeup face is still a problem yet to be solved.

A photo of her no-makeup face which recently hit the web showed too much information about her that no one was ready to see.

Bobrisky often brags about how she has been able to snag so many big men despite being trans but it’s hard to see any of those ‘big men’ staying around after seeing her no makeup face.

The packaging is nice but what is underneath is deadly.

Click here to check Bobrisky’s scary no makeup face…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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