CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Why It is A Big Deal That “Big Boy” And Millionaire Prince-David Osei Flew in Economy to London Last Night

Let me tell you something: I have been “proselytising” about living a simple life that is true as that brings real contentment in life. In fact, I have become the “father of minimalism” in our part of the world.

This is after many years of writing extensively about celebrities, piercing through their veil of lies and breaking the unhealthy facade they create—mostly lying to others and themselves and putting unnecessary pressures on others.

People should decide on how they want to spend their money and live their lives. After all, each to their own. However, this is not unfettered freedom, one that means you should be allowed to freely lie to us all, unchallenged.

Even when some people have no problems with the lies the celebrity culture of Ghanaians breeds and wholesomely buy into it, these things remain offensive to people like me.

Prince-David Osei has posted photos of him flying Business in the past

The majority of the people who travel by plane use economy. I am part of this majority—occasionally when it is necessary, I will reluctantly pay for that business class’ ‘exorbitant’ price.

I don’t claim to be wealthy or imply by any of my actions or omissions that I am a “big boy” who only flies business class, owns a 90,000 dollars car when I don’t and probably when I am still renting.

But some people, like my own friend Prince-David Osei make life hard for themselves—and some of us occasionally want to make it harder for them—and insist that they keep to the non-existing standards they have created in a web of lies.

How on earth can someone who claims to drive a 90,000 dollars’ car in this Accra put his health and that of his family and friends at risk during this global pandemic by opting for a cheap economy ticket to fly to London—especially when the social media activities of such a person somewhat implies that he is a “big boy” loaded with cash and only flies business class?

If we catch a certain Tracey quietly seated in economy on a flight to London, this time without her phones recording the experience for the gram, when we are unaware of the demise of Papa No, wouldn’t we want to know what changed?

Prince-David Osei claims his car alone cost 90,000 dollars

Keep your life as simple as you can—don’t fake it before you make it because you may be putting pressure on others or by the time you know, you would be hitting 40 years, smugly still faking it with people watching on with laughter.

A certain Ghanaian celebrity was recently in the news, allegedly reported to have been seen by a passenger on a flight in an economy but magically, when the passenger got home—he saw photos of this celebrity on Instagram which he posted, seated in business class.

I am sure the passenger would have thought he was going mad. How did this happen? I was with this guy the entire time on this flight—we were all packed like sardines in economy so where did this business class photo and claim come from?

Legends said, the celebrity quickly dashed to the business class to take photos either before or after the flight landed to post on Instagram, to lie to his credulous fans and to put pressure on the innocuous souls who measure their lives using his fake yardstick.

And some people say such a vile “social crime” should go unmentioned.

It is in this spirit of fakery that I admonished our “big boy” and millionaire star actor-Prince David Osei to be careful of, despite the “seductive nature of the spirit” when he was spotted flying quietly in economy to London last night.

For someone who is a supposed millionaire and likes to post business class photos of himself (like the one above), the temptation was airborne too—and I had to make sure a brother knows he has been spotted so that he wouldn’t allow himself to be possessed by this Moesha-like evil spirit.

Several rich celebrities globally fly economy. Swedish business magnate Ingvar Kamprad who founded IKEA was known for mostly flying economy and even driving a 20-year-old Volvo. There is nothing wrong with a person’s choice of life but it shouldn’t be founded on emptiness and lies.


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