I Don’t Have Any Issue With Yvonne Nelson Or Jealous Of Her, I Just Dislike Her Book – Victoria Lebene Reveals

After sharing her opinions on Yvonne Nelson’s just-released memoir, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur Victoria Lebene has taken action to dispel the public’s misconceptions regarding her views toward Yvonne, a fellow actress.
Due to its mention of several significant figures, the memoir, which was released on June 18, 2023, has caused considerable shock and generated heated internet discussions and arguments.

Victoria, the wife of Ghanaian blogger Nkonkonsa, shared her perspective on the matter, stating, “If everyone came out to tell a story of what people have done to them every step of the way, do you think we would be safe in this world or country??? Don’t act like you are a saint when you’re not!” on her Instagram story.

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Victoria’s remarks, meanwhile, quickly drew criticism from followers who disapproved and called her out for her viewpoint. Victoria Lebene reaffirmed her position in an exclusive interview with Graphic Showbiz, stressing that she does not carry animosity toward the “Princess Tyra” actress despite their previous falling out over her husband’s article on Yvonne.

Victoria expressed discomfort over the graphic details included in the memoir but respected Yvonne’s freedom to express her views.

“I do not hate Yvonne, not at all. I just feel she went overboard with some of the intimate details she shared. I am not saying Yvonne shouldn’t voice out how she felt, but she should have been sensitive about how she went about it,” she explained.

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“If I have to write a book, it will be one to empower people, to advise people. I don’t think I want to give a memoir of how I have had sex or how many times I have had an abortion; it doesn’t make sense. But this doesn’t mean I hate her; this is my opinion. It is okay if it’s a strategy to sell the book, but sometimes, we should check the sensitivity of things we say and do,” Victoria concluded.

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