Brazilian Couple With THIRTEEN Sons Vow To Keep Having Babies Until They Get A Daughter


PIC BY ROBSON COELHO / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED:Family with thirteen boys that live in Brazil) - Meet the Brazilian couple with 13 sons, who wont stop until they have a daughter. Irineu Cruz and his wife Jucicleide Silva, who have been trying for a girl for nearly two decades, have enough sons to make up their own football team. The brood ranges from one-month to 18-years-old and the couple say they wont stop trying until a girl arrives. When Jucicleide first got pregnant, husband and wife decided mum would name the girls and Irineu would name the boys. Footie-mad dad has since christened all 13 boys after famous footballers - all beginning with the letter R. The family who live in Conceiao de Coit, in north east Brazil, hoped their thirteenth child would be a game-changer but instead the midwife announced it was yet another boy. SEE CATERS COPY
Brazilian couple Irineu Cruz and his wife Jucicleide Silva have been trying for the past 20 years to conceive a daughter without success. They have 13 sons ranging from 1 month to 18 years old.
When the couple got together, they planned that the mother would name the girls while the father named the boys.

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