CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Feminism for Dummies—What Most of the Angry Social Media So Called Feminists Do Not Understand


Women Against Feminism

Definition of Feminism
Feminism has long been misconstrued to exclusively mean, men and women are equal in everything and therefore it’s the advocacy or fight for women to be granted same rights and be treated just as men.
The idea that the man is the sole and important comparator in the fight for women’s right is absurd—just as the idea that all women want the same thing and want to be treated as equal to men.
A better, albeit convoluted definition of feminism is; it’s “a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social rights for women.”
Feminism is the fight for women’s rights in all aspects of life—sometimes with the man as a reasonable comparator, most times not.
The traditional erroneous notion which is somewhat the popular conception most of these so called feminists I’ve seen on social media hold is as a result of the fact that, the early feminists were just looking to ensure that women were being treated as men were.
Today, that’s not really the case—because under certain circumstances, women do not need to be treated like me, sometimes better than men and that’s absolutely acceptable.
For instance, while women have fought for and get 52 weeks’ statutory maternity leave in the United Kingdom, men get just about 2 weeks’ paternity leave. In Ghana, a man’s right to paternity leave wholly does not exist.
If feminism was simply that, women want to be treated like men; then women in the United Kingdom will get only 2 weeks of maternity and in Ghana will have no maternity because that’s exactly what men get.

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