Dr Nduom Files For GN Savings and Loans’ Licence To Be Restored Whilst He Sues BOG For Violating his Rights


Dr Nduom, CEO of the GN Group, is not lying down easily as government goes after his companies. Nduom has sued the Bank of Ghana for his company’s licence which has been revoked to be restored. READ ALSO: Fancy Gadam Graciously Surrenders – I Know Shatta Bandle Is Richer than Me According to him, the … Read more

Papa Kwesi Nduom Lists All the Pastors, Big Companies, Individuals And Others Owing His Gold Coast Fund Management Company – Debts Totalling Ghc 434m


Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom has released a list of individuals and organizations who owed money to the Gold Coast Fund Management, one of his numerous companies which has come under fire from government’s financial crackdown. Nduom’s list contains 4,206 names, ranging from men of God to schools, construction companies to other names. READ ALSO: You … Read more

‘Mere’ Savings and Loans Too Nduom Couldn’t Survive – GN Savings and Loans One of 23 Companies Closed Down By Bank of Ghana


After being forced to downgrade his bank to a ‘savings and loans’ company, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom has lost the battle completely as the Bank of Ghana has announced his company’s licence has been revoked. GN Savings and Loan Company, which came out of GN Bank, has been revealed as one of two dozen savings … Read more

VIDEO: Customer Of Papa Kwesi Nduom’s GN Savings And Loans Cries Uncontrollably For Her Locked Up Ghc15,000


A customer of Papa Kwesi Nduom’s downgraded GN Bank in a video posted on the Facebook page of has wept bitterly over her locked up Ghc15,000.

According to the young who claims to be a nurse, she saved her Ghc15,000 at the Bank from her petty trading and now that she needs the money to help her younger siblings, all she is been told by those in charge at the bank amounts to nothing but cock and bull stories.

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