More Trouble for R. Kelly After Alleged Victim Testifies He Started Having S*x With Her When She Was 15


R. Kelly’s former goddaughter says the singer had sex with her hundreds of times before she turned 18.  She testified that she was only 15 when they first had sexual intercourse. READ ALSO: HBO Releases Final Teaser For House Of The Dragon Premiering August 21st – Video The disgraced singer’s alleged victim took the stand … Read more

More Trouble for R. Kelly After Alleged Victim From 2008 Is Set to Testify in New Trial

r.kelly jailed

R. Kelly was once prosecuted for allegedly abusing a minor, an infamous case from 2008 in which she never testified. According to developing news, that’s all about to change as he heads to trial anew. READ ALSO: Rupert Murdoch’s 4th Wife Receives £11m Mansion, Villa In France And Millions Of Pounds As They Finalise Divorce … Read more