He is Nothing But A Failed Musician With Hate In His Heart – Kwaku Flick Insults Mr. Logic For Undermining His Talent


Young Ghanaian hip-hop and hiplife performer Kweku Flick has taken controversial entertainment pundit Mr. Logic to the cleaners. Mr. Logic is famed for blowing hot and cold in air and feels untouchable. He took his antics to the doorstep of Kwaku Flick and he reacted with wrath. A bitter statements from Mr. Logic did not … Read more

Stop the Pull Him Down Syndrome and Let Him Shine – Fan Reacts to Confrontational Video of Black Sherif and Mr Logic


Following harsh criticism from Mr. Logic over Black Sherif’s unfortunate news of a possible split from her current management, Black Sherif sought to set the records straight. According to Mr. Logic, Black Sherif must be blocked from engaging the media and other privileges for breaching his contract with his manager after gaining fame. READ ALSO: … Read more

Yaw Tog Is Overrated- His Songs Are Useless!- Mr. Logic Fires

yaw tog results

Entertainment analyst, Mr. Logic has opined that budding Kumerican rapper Yaw Tog is simply overrated. According to him, it is obvious that the young boy has talent but people are giving him way too much credit than he truly deserves. READ ALSO: Your Ho Poly Certificate Cannot Compare to Our Cambridge Degrees – Akufo-Addo’s Niece … Read more