LORD HAVE MERCY: Aspiring American Rapper Attempts To Sacrifice His Friend for Illuminati Ritual

Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin

People are yearning so much to be famous that it seems they don’t really care how and what they do to get ‘there’. It’s mostly in African movies you see people ‘sacrificing’ others for wealth, but it seems now life is imitating art.

A two-day trial slated to begin in June was scheduled by a Henrico County judge last Thursday for an aspiring Virginia rapper by the name of Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin, 27, who is accused of shooting his friend, reports the Richmond Times Dispatch.

What really perplexed investigators was the alleged motive behind the violent act. According to prosecutors, El-Amin believed that murdering his friend would grant him membership into the Illuminati and ultimately hip hop stardom.

“You are my sacrifice,” are the words that El-Amin is alleged to have said to his friend before firing a shot towards his head. The search warrant revealed that the victim woke up to see El-Amin standing over him with the gun. Things didn’t exactly go as the defendant may have hoped, though. According to reports, the bullet struck El-Amin’s friend in his hand, but he was able wrangle the gun from his attacker, shooting him in the stomach before fleeing.

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