The Licentious Raquel, The Ghanaian Artiste Who Forgot Her Panties Home & Showed Off Her Iniquitous ‘Coochie’ On Stage…My Thoughts!

I have heard and seen several entertainers putting their ‘coochies’ on full display whiles on stage or out and about for wearing panties which do not have enough fabric to cover their ‘chunky’ genitalia.
However, to absolutely wear nothing under a skimpy dress in our part of the world as a female entertainer and mount the stage in this skimpy dress with the excuse that you genuinely forgot your panties at home is implausible. Did I just say it is implausible? In fact, it is plain psychosis and utterly disrespect for your worthy as a woman.
The above is the summary of what happened with Ghanaian rising musician-Raquel at Citi Fm’s December 2 Remember Concert. In simple words, Raquel jumped on stage to perform in a skimpy dress which she claimed had a mal-function backstage. And beneath this skimpy dress, she had no panties…
Various media men I know have confirmed seeing photos of Raquel’s genitalia on full display and NewsOne-an entertainment tabloid in Ghana claims to have clear shots which they intended to publish.
NewsOne has not been able to publish these photos despite their earlier publication which suggested a date- 6th January. NewsOne claims reputable persons like Ambassador Kabral Blay-Amihere, Musicians Union of Ghana President Bice ‘Obour’ Osei-Kufuor, Former National Women’s Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Daavi Ama, Chairman of the National Media Commission, Rev. Opambour Adarkwa Yiadom of the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Center and others have bombarded them with calls not to publish the photos for various moral standings and for the sake of the dignitary of Raquel.
I am somehow bemused that morality and dignitary is being bought and lobbied for Raqual, a woman who seems to have lost absolute track of her status as an African woman and for that matter a Ghanaian woman.
I do not have a single bit of compassion for her and this is simply because, her actions were premeditated. Raquel is reported to claim that her dress was not made as skimpy as we see it but rather it tore (wardrobe mal-function) at backstage before she came to perform. Her account continues that, her team had to somehow fix the wardrobe mal-function by performing emergency stitches.

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