Video: Angel 'Caught' On Camera Entering T.B Joshua's Church


T.B Joshua

A viral video posted online by the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), the Nigerian church founded and led by ‘prophet of doom’ T.B Joshua, purports to show an angel waking into the church’s premises.
The broadcast arm of the Church, Immanuel Tv, posted the video which has sparked debate on social media between the sane ones and the religious fanatics.

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Can T.B Joshua and His Church Give Us a Break & Stop this Ridiculous Attempt on his Life Thing? | Rescue Workers Say Building Collapsed Because Additional Stories Were Being Added

T.B. Joshua


It’s been a crazy week for T.B Joshua and his Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), after one of his structures collapsed; an accident that has so far killed about 80 people.

Whilst a terrible tragedy which people are still trying to process, T.B Joshua and SCOAN have made things worse with their ridiculous attempts to explain away the incident. For my part I do not see how any right thinking person should accept the explanation being proffered by the man his followers like to call ‘prophet’.

Joshua is somehow convinced that a helicopter that was seen circling the building moments before it collapsed must have caused the incident. Unless the aircraft was carrying some sort of invisible earthquake inducing device, I do not see how that correlates to the collapse of a building that has claimed so many lives.

Even worse is his conviction, from nowhere really, that it must have been an attempt on his life by his enemies. I cannot imagine the level of hubris required to make such an incident all about yourself, even worse the feeling that there are people in this world who would accept this explanation as gospel.

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