Sefa Orders Her Bodyguards To Threaten And Be@t Up A Fan For Touching Her Honeypot


A video has popped up online where Ghanaian songstress, Sefa’s bodyguard is seen manhandling one of her fans. When the fan asked her what her crime was, Sefa accused him of touching her honeypot. Her bodyguards further threatened the young man and beat him for disrespecting the artist. It’s common for female artists to be … Read more

What Is The Big Deal If Someone Decides To Abort An Unwanted Pregnancy? Sefa Quizzes

delay exposes s3fa

Ghanaian musician S3fa has expressed her views on abortion and the hypocrisy surrounding it. Speaking in an interview with Graphic Showbiz, the talented singer stated that many individuals who publicly condemn the act have likely undergone abortions themselves but remain silent about their experiences. S3fa challenges the widespread stigma surrounding abortion in Ghana, highlighting the … Read more