‘GOD IS ALIVE’ – Shatta Wale A Changed Man After Arrest?


Whew! Finally! The court granted bail to Shatta Wale and his cohorts and he is a free man now-to an extent. The team took no chances and went to the beach to bath Shatta and his fellow convicts. This was revealed to relieve them from an bad omen they may have carried with them. READ … Read more

I Want to Sleep in Jail for Life – Shatta Wale Screams in Court As Judge Denies Him Bail


Shatta Wale says he wants to spend the rest of his life in jail after appearing this first court date today. Wale has been remanded into jail for one week, and when he was leaving the court he was screaming that he’s prepared to spend the rest of his life in hail. He doesn’t appear … Read more

The Police Must Release Shatta Wale Immediately and Apologise to Him


A coalition of Ghanaian youth has come together to call on the Ghana Police Service to release Shatta Wale and apologise to him. According to them, Shata Wale is a hero who deserves to be celebrated and not a criminal who deserves to be jailed. In a statement released by this group and sighted by … Read more