Glorified Golddigger Tracey Boakye Claims She’s Now Married but Still Has No Ring – Details

tracey boakye bra k

From K’s girlfriend to K’s wife, actress Tracey Boakye has been subtly announcing on Instagram for weeks now that she’s married. The self-confessed ‘ash*wobrity’ has been calling herself ‘hisonlychick’ for so long, but it was to announce her status as a glorified golddigger. Tracey is alleged to have wrecked her bestie’s marriage with gossip and … Read more

‘Thank You Bra K’ – Tracey Boakye Flaunts Numerous Cars ‘Papa No’ Bought her as She Finally Unveils Him

tracey boakye bra k

Tracey Boakye has finally chosen to unveil her rich and dorsted ‘Papa No’ who has given her the most enjoyable lifestyle on Instagram title. The actress turned social media show-off lives her entire life on the gram, showing off rich and fabulous things, although she somehow can’t make herself fabulous as well. Tracey has struck … Read more