“Random Ridiculeness”: Ghana Version Of Nikki Minaj Appeared At 4 Play Reloaded Premiere



We are bringing back the column “Random Ridiculeness” where we present photos and videos that have gone wrong with celebrities and non-celebrities.

Remember, this is purely for Entertainment and nothing else… Maybe it would enable us not to repeat the mistakes many are making out there too…

Until today, I did not know we have Nikki Minaj gone wrong in Ghana. I admire the confidence though!

Check out the photos below…

Photo Credit: PeaceFM

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  • miss dior

    Ewww broke ass version of nicki.

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  • kwadwo

    Gossip Mama, I like your new picture.

  • kwame

    this is awesome, i love it

  • Opanin

    this is crazy chaleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….hahahahahahahaaa.love the boobs tho.

  • GoldenGurl

    Now guys! lets give her some marks out 10 for a least tryin! lol she kind of got the hair right and at least the backside is all her’s …i tink! 😀

    • Soul Sista Boateng


  • madam social

    na wa oo

    • C’est une honte 

      • madam social

        come again pls, this tym in english

  • Twinkles

    this is ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • lol what kind of clown combination is that 

  • B.B

    Seriously, who is she? check her under arm, lol

    • More like kermit the frog but the Ghana version of it 

      • B.B


  • cici

    ugly face n wet armpit…wheeeeew

  • maame

    lol hahahaha ewwww! 

  • dante’s chic

    though the pic is bad,don’t see what is minaj gone wrong about it! just ’cause she’s done a similar hairstyle doesn’t mean she’s trying to copy her! can’t people express themselves anymore?
    anyway gossipmama- i have noticed your English is a bit terrible sometimes(from previous articles)!- maybe you should get someone to proofread your work before…?

    • GHGurl101

      lmmaoooooo AGREE!!

  • Semi-Cartermatic

    Dis’s pure madness.wht kind of of expression is this.Its a disgrace dont sum get it.ah hmm

  • she needs some help 

  • Eman

    Ur right, she looks nothing like her! smh

  • ghallday

    At least we can say she is well endowed in in the chest area… hehehe all natural. 

  • mamiclau

    this woman needs some improvement trying to be niki manaj i mean she have beef all over her body all i know is she does not no how to dress up like niki manaj.